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Why Pre-Arrange?

Planning for a cremation or burial, especially at the time of need, can be an emotional and daunting task. The best way to ease this burden and ensure that your final wishes are honored is to plan ahead. Our forms are designed so that they may be completed in the privacy of your home and returned by mail, fax or e-mail. Our services and prices are listed so that you and your family can study and discuss them at your leisure. Or you may call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your wishes and complete the forms.

The Benefits of Pre-Arrangement are Threefold:  Logistical, Emotional & Financial.

Logistical. A significant amount of personal data and coordination is required to plan a burial or cremation. Do family members or friends know the maiden name of the deceased’s mother, or both parents’ birth states? Will they know the dates and locations of military service? The location where the deceased would like to be buried or scattered? Pre-arranging these details ensures that the necessary personal data and decisions are organized and documented, negating the need for family to track them down following a loved one’s death. 

Emotional. Pre-arranging a burial or cremation removes the burden of decision-making from grieving survivors. If a pre-arrangement is in place, family and friends can feel peace knowing that details have already been specified and arranged in the exact manner that the deceased would prefer. Pre-arranging these details with ample time to think about them also insures that they will be practical decisions that reflect the deceased person’s standards, lifestyle, taste and budget. Pre-arrangements give family and friends certainty that the deceased’s final wishes are fulfilled. 

Financial. If a person chooses to pre-arrange their burial or cremation, they contractually lock into pricing at the time of the pre-arrangement rather than the pricing at the time of death. This can amount to a significant savings in light of the fact that funeral costs have risen at a rate of approximately 3 percent each year.

Arrangements can be started in the comfort of your home by clicking the button below. Fill in as much information as you are comfortable with and we would be pleased to call or meet with you.

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